Gift certificates

Gift certificates

A holiday certificate for a perfect gift

An exemplary gift improves relations between close people, stimulates and motivates them in the working environment, refreshes friendly and loving relationships. In order not to rush about in search of an exclusive surprise and not to doubt whether he will like the one to whom it is intended, the Nekrasov agency from Vinnitsa recommends paying attention to the gift certificate - an original present for every taste, the contents of which are always unique and irreproachably selected. The agency's offer is original and unrepeatable, because as a gift, not a thing is acquired, but a festive service that gives fun, rest, pleasant memories.

With the help of a gift certificate for holiday services, you can

Family Celebrations for Men, Women, Children

Corporate Events

Personal relationships

On each certificate - a personal seal, the signature of the director, a protective hologram. They guarantee the responsibility of the agency "Nekrasov" for the quality of each holiday service and the skill of the invited artist.

A certificate in format 1 (a specific holiday service) is valid for 6 months, during which it must be activated and used for its intended purpose. A certificate for an original gift (in cash equivalent format) is valid for an unlimited period.

How to activate?

Activate the certificate is the right of the direct buyer and the gifted person. To do this, just one phone call, email. letters, messages on Skype. The agency manager needs to be notified about the temporary use of the gift:

To activate the format of 2 gift certificates, you must indicate which service is required for the customer. The cost of the original gift includes all expenses for its implementation: the fee of performers, transportation and overhead costs, the cost of props and supplies. If the owner has the desire to order a festive service more expensive than the cost of the certificate, he pays the required amount in cash. Delivery of the certificate to the addressee - free of charge when the cost of the order is more than 500 UAH.